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  • Babe Ruth Checklist
    List of every baseball card ever printed of Babe Ruth, including pictures and details on his most famous cards.
  • 1914 Ruth Rookie Card
    All about the Babe Ruth rookie card, one of the rarest and most sought after cards in the sports memorabilia hobby.
  • Collecting Tips
    Insight on finding, buying, storing, and displaying Babe Ruth cards. Learn the secrets to building a world-class colleciton.
  •  Buying Babe Ruth Cards
    Before buying a Babe Ruth baseball card, it is important to be well-armed with the right information. Don't be a sucker!
  •  Babe Ruth Cards on a Budget
    If you just don't have the bucks to set yourself up with a world-class Babe Ruth baseball card collection, here are five Ruth cards you can add to your collection for about $100.
  •  Babe Ruth Autographs
    The most popular signature in sports history, a Babe Ruth autograph carries considerable value and is a great centerpiece for any Babe Ruth card collection.
  •  Value of Babe Ruth Cards
    Determining the actual value of a Babe Ruth baseball card can be tricky. Know the value of Ruth's cards before you buy or sell!
  •  Card Grading Services
    Learn about the major grading services and the benefits of buying only vintage Babe Ruth cards that have been graded by one of these services.
  •  Collecting in a Bad Economy
    Four tips on collecting baseball cards in a challenging economy. Find out where to get great deals on cards and how to collect on the cheap.
  • The Ruth Biography
    The life and times of George Herman Ruth, from his early days in Baltimore through his glorious baseball career with the Yankees.
  •  Ruth's 60th Home Run
    Video footage of Babe Ruth's 60th home run in 1927. Ruth's single-season home run record stood for over 30 years as the famous record in sports.
  • The 500 HR Club
    The most legendary sluggers in the history of baseball are also the biggest names in baseball card collecting. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Hank Aaron rank near the top of the list for collectors.

  • Store Pages
  • Babe Ruth Baseball Cards
    Find Babe Ruth baseball cards for sale. Auctions can be an excellent way to land great deals!
  •  Pre-1930 Cards
    Vintage Babe Ruth baseball cards from his early days as a Baltimore Oriole, through his sensational pitching career in Boston, to his remarkable Yankee seasons.
  •   1920 W519 Numbered Strip
    The 1920 W519 Babe Ruth card is one of the earliest cards ever produced of the Babe. It has a simple look and in comparison to other early Ruth cards is relatively affordable.
  •   1921 Koester Bread Babe Ruth Card
  •   1922 American Caramel
    Rare, and much sought after, the card is one of five that featured baseball's Home Run King in the celebrated E-121 Series of 120 produced by the American Caramel Company in 1922.
  •   1929 Kashin
    All about the 1929 Kashin baseball card featuring Yankees future Hall of Fame outfielder Babe Ruth.
  •  1930s Cards
    Find original Babe Ruth cards printed in the 1930's. Goudey, U.S. Caramel, and other prominent companies produced some of the most popular Babe Ruth cards on the market.
  •   1932 U.S. Caramel
    Babe Ruth's 1932 U.S. Caramel Baseball Card - #32. Learn all about the Ruth card and the U.S. Caramel set.
  •   1933 Goudey
    The four cards from the 1933 Goudey set featuring Hall of Famer Babe Ruth
  •   1933 Sport Kings
    All about the 1933 Sport Kings Babe Ruth card. Details about the Sport Kings set, pictures, and live auction listings.
  •  1940s Cards
    Find Babe Ruth cards from the 1940's. Even in retirement, Babe Ruth was the biggest name in the baseball card hobby.
  •   1948 Leaf
    All about Babe Ruth's 1948 Leaf baseball card. Profile includes details on the '48 Leaf set, pictures of the Ruth card, and live auctions.
  •  1950s Cards
    See Babe Ruth baseball cards printed in the 1950's. Despite his retirement 15 years earlier, Ruth remained a popular figure in the baseball card collecting hobby.
  •  1960s Cards
    As demand for baseball cards grew in the 60's, Babe Ruth's iconic status continued to keep him in prominent card sets of the decade. Popular Babe Ruth cards included the 1962 Topps and 1961 Fleer.
  •  1970s Cards
    Find Babe Ruth baseball cards printed in the 1970s. Topps celebrated Ruth's career milestones in 1973 with several Career Leader cards.
  •  1980s Cards
    Find Babe Ruth baseball cards printed in the 1980's. These cards are not too scarce but make excellent display items.
  •  1990s Cards
    Babe Ruth cards continued to be produced in the 1990's, as Upper Deck emerged as an elite player in the baseball card hobby. Several beautiful Upper Deck Babe Ruth cards were printed in the company's first few years.
  •  2000-Present
    Find Babe Ruth baseball cards from the past 10 years. See cards that include Ruth's uniform, bat, and authentic signature.