1921 Koester Bread Babe Ruth Card

1921 was a memorable year with the New York Giantss squaring off against first timers to the Subway Series the New York Yankees. Koester Bread Company of New York produced the 1921 series which contained only 52 cards. This series included only Giant and Yankees players and Managers.

The 1921 Koester Bread companyís Babe Ruth Card features a black and white photo and on heavier than normal paper which was standard for the era. The photo shown was of Babe Ruth in his last season with the Red Sox.  The photos used in this series were from the E-20 and E-21 sets. The back of the cards are blank and without markings or numbers.  Printed on the bottom of the fronts of the cards and along the borders is the name of the player, their team and their position on the team.  Although trading cards began as a medium for advertising with the company producing the cardís name on the back, the 1921 Koester Bread card series lacks advertising.
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The main producers of baseball cards were Tobacco companies and confectioners. While the mechanism of distribution for the 1921 Koester Bread companyís cards is unknown, even without advertising these cards likely boosted sales among the always passionate about sports New Yorkers. Today the 1921 Ruth card of the series inspires as much passion among baseball card collectors as it doubtless did the year it year it was issued among New York baseball fans.

The 1921 Ruth card is considered rare and even in good condition is very valuable. The 1921 Koester Bread Chas Stengel card better known as Casey Stengel is another sought after card from this series. While baseball cards have always been cherished by younger sports fans, collected by older fans and a mystery to non sports fans, the 1921 Koester Bread Company Babe Ruth card is one in a million which has significance to both collectors and fans.