Babe Ruth w519 card1920 W519 Strip Card Babe Ruth

This 20-card set featured several ballplayers from the late teens, including emerging superstar Babe Ruth.  Ruth had recently been traded to the New York Yankees as his stature in the sport was growing.  This is actually one of the first cards featuring Ruth as a Yankee.

The 1920 W519-1 Numbered Strip Card Babe Ruth features a simple picture of the Bambino from the chest up, wearing a half-smile, and sporting a Yankees cap.  He is shown wearing the pinstripes that (which, according to legend, were added to provide their hefty slugger with a slimmed-down appearance).  His name appears below the picture in all caps, with the card number from the set (in this case #5) shown to the left.

Ruth is by far the biggest name in this set and his cards carry the highest demand.  Other better-known names from the W519 set include George Sisler and Eddie Collins.

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