1990s Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

1995 Upper Deck Babe RuthThere were a handful of original Babe Ruth cards introduced in the 1990's.  Many of these cards were produced by Upper Deck in the early part of the decade.  These cards, such as the 1995 Upper Deck Babe Ruth (shown right), are generally found for under $20.

There were ten Babe Ruth cards in the 1993 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes set.  The 87-card set featured other notable greats like Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, and Ted Williams.

The 1990's also brought a significant new trend to baseball card collecting - card producers began including swatches of uniform fabric and slivers from the bats of prominent players. This trend later included some Babe Ruth cards and led to very high demand by collectors interested in owning a piece of history.

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The 1999 Upper Deck Retro Gold Babe Ruth has a classic look and shows Ruth in a full home-run-admiring swing with a gold border.  Only 250 numbered Ruth cards were printed and randomly inserted into packs, giving the card pretty high scarcity for a 1990's card.  That scarcity allows this Ruth card to command around $80 from collectors.