Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig1960s Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

Long after his death in 1948, baseball card companies continued to include Babe Ruth in card sets, often pairing him with other prominent figures from Ruth's playing days as well as more recent stars. One of the more popular Babe Ruth cards from the 60's was a 1962 Topps card of Ruth with Lou Gehrig.  Shown at right, the 61 Topps card has a vintage photo of the two Yankee teammates posing together as part of its "Babe Ruth Special" series.  The series chronicles several great moments from the Bambino's career.

Another nice card from this decade was the 1961 Fleer Babe Ruth, which features a head shot of the Babe on the classic '61 Fleer blue pennant over red stripes style.

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The 1963 Bazooka All-Time Greats Babe Ruth (#17) is another popular Ruth card.  The All-Time greats came in two varieties - the regular set and gold or silver foil.  The set includes 41 cards, including Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, and Kennesaw Landis. 

For a different type of Ruth card, check out the 1967 Topps 'Who am I?' card (#12).  It shows Ruth with a drawn-on Jack Black style beard and cigar.  Over Ruth's head is a bubble that says 'I WAS BASEBALL'S ORIGINAL HOME RUN CHAMPION.  WHO AM I?'  The Who Am I set features 44 people from sports, politics, and world history in goofy disguises.  It includes Paul Revere, Julius Caesar, Lyndon Johnson, and Mickey Mantle.  Pretty fun set.