1959 Fleer Babe Ruth Ted Williams1950s Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

Though his career had long since ended, several Babe Ruth cards were printed in the 1950's. His 1950 Callahan card, featuring a sketch of the Babe's face, is among the more valuable cards among collectors.  In NRMT/MT condition, the Callahan Ruth card is usually listed at around $10,000. 

Another popular card from the 50's is a 1959 Fleer card of Babe Ruth standing alongside a young Ted Williams.  The Williams/Ruth card is one of the cooler Ruth cards you will find and often can be found for under $100.

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Babe Ruth Look n SeeAnother 1950's Babe Ruth card of note is the 1952 Topps Look 'n See.  The Look 'n See set was released by Topps in the early 50's and included historical figures from all walks of life.  It includes figures such as Charles Lindburgh, Remembrandt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Emilia Earhart, and Genghis Khan.  Today, the Babe Ruth card is the most valuable in this unusual set and can be found for around $500, depending on condition.  It features an image of Ruth from the chest up, listing Babe Ruth as a "Baseball Player".  A great detailed breakdown of the 1952 Topps Look 'n See set can be found at the Trading Card Hobbyist.