1930s Babe Ruth Baseball Cards

The popularity of baseball cards continued to grow in the 1930s as Babe Ruth entered the latter years of his legendary career. There was no bigger name in the hobby at the time than Babe Ruth, and his cards were prominently featured in most sets.

The 1933 Goudey issue, among the most popular of the decade, included four Ruth cards. These cards are some of the most recognizable baseball cards in the collecting community and continue to show strong demand.  There are also a few cards from the late 1930's featuring Ruth in his lone season as a Boston Brave.

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In addition to his 1932 Sport Kings and 1933 Goudey cards, there were a few other Babe Ruth cards of note printed during the 1930's:

1933 Sanella - printed by the Sanella Margarine Company, this 112-card German sports set features a beautiful portrait of the Babe finishing a home run swing.  The front of the card has no name or information, while the back of the card has basic information in German.  There are believed to be three "types" of cards in the set (interestingly, called Types 2 through 4), distinguished by the layouts on the backs of the cards.  Only two baseball players are featured in the Sanella set - the other was a Japanese Olympic player.

1935 Goudey #16 - commemorating his lone season as player/manager of the Boston Braves, the 1935 Goudey Babe Ruth is an unusual card that depicts the aging slugger with three other marginal players of the time.